Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide - Starboard BowSpirit Guide - Starboard topSpirit Guide - Port and Stern

mixed media sculpture, H: 11″ from base

This piece was hard to photograph. This rangy, three-legged Coyote is made from stiffened fabric, wire, found objects, collage and other media. He is adorned with many details, both serious (the word “fidelity” over his heart) and humorous (the compass rose at the base of his tail, with North pointing to his head and South pointing to his rear-end). His tail is made in part from coyote fur. His empty belly contains messages about hunger and survival, along with an actual mouse skull (suspended in the center), which I extracted from an owl pellet.

Cover of Darkness

Cover of Darkness

8½” x 12″
acrylic and mixed media
on found birch plywood

This piece is done on a high-quality plywood that I found in a “freecycling” pile. The meaty, ¾” edge is painted turquoise.