Spirit of Shadows

Cat 3

Cat 4

Cat 6

Cat 11mixed media sculpture, H: 3 1/2″, shoulder to base

I didn’t give up on these sculptures after the elk, but I did apply the lesson learned. This little jaguar has no fewer than five appendages in contact with terra firma. “Spirit of Shadows” written on her back, on her left foreleg, “fire in the night.” Crossing her chest like a bandolier is the word “self-reliance.”


Defiant 1Defiant 2Defiant 3Defiant 4

mixed media sculpture, H: 14″ from base

My second 3-D piece. The “fireball” represents failure of forethought. He was intended to stand on three legs, but I didn’t use heavy enough wire. By the time I noticed that he was slowly and progressively listing to starboard, the armature was covered and there was no going back! Emergency structural support became necessary. Live and learn. Next time I will think through the engineering a bit beforehand.

Many titles suggested themselves (not the least of which was “Great Balls of Fire”). In the end, I stuck with the brand (?) name on the scrap metal piece that forms his breastplate, “Defiant.” His other eyes are blue rhinestones.